+Shimano Japan JDM Casting Reels, only Japan model

Quality, quality quality, , , it describes what you can expect from Shimano Japan reels, and what Shimano Japan cares of the most.  Craftsmanship lives more in Shimano Japan reels, and that is the reason serious anglers always seek after Japan Domestic Models.

bullet2015 NEW models
Metanium DC 2015 NEW


2015 NEW

Calcutta Conquest  NEW 300/400, high gear models, best quality! in stock


2015 NEW

Aldebaran BFS Ltd 2015 NEW Ultra finesse
bulletLow profile casting reels
Scorpion 200/201  in stock

Chronarch CI4+  in stock 


Superb performance in stock

Scorpion XT 1000/1001Best Value finesse  in stock


2014 NEW in stock

Aldebaran Mg

finesse  in stock

Antares / HG Smoothest, high-end in stock
bulletRound shaped casting reels
14 Calcutta Conquest NEW 300/400, high gear models, best quality! in stock 00 Calcutta Conquest Best seller since 2003,  in stock

Calcutta Durable and performing

bulletCasting reels with digital brake, DC models

Exsence DC  No-backlash  in stock

Antares DC LV

 Calcutta Conquest DC+

Scorpion  DC Easy to cast

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