Shimano Calcutta XT 1991-2004

Since its introduction in 1991, Calcutta has been the target of copy reels, but no one has achieved its highly balanced performance, smoothness and beauty.

Shimano has been selling the high-end Calcutta, Calcutta XT reels exclusively in Japan. They have holes on forged frame and side plate. Each model has one more ball bearing than US counterparts, and weight is about 1 oz lighter.

Differences to regular Calcutta (US export model) are following


drilled frame


drilled spool (wiffle spools)


drilled side plate


titanium coated level winder inner


ball bearings installed spool


Gear ratio weight: line capacity Retrieve ball bearing, Price
50XT / 51XT(left) 5.0:1 6.6oz 6lb-110y, 8 lb-90y 18.5" 4+1 JPY31,000
100XT / 101XT(left) 5.8:1 8.0oz 8lb-155y, 12 lb-110y 23.6" 3+1 33,000
200XT / 201XT(left) 5.0:1 9.2oz 14 lb-110y 22.8" 3+1 33,000
150 US 5.8:1 9.2oz 8lb-155y, 12 lb-110y 23.6" 2+1 (USD169)
250 US 5.0:1 10oz 14 lb-110y 22.8" 2+1 (USD169)

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