Shimano Standard Model Spinning reels  (specialized on high-end Japan domestic models)

Shimano offers a lot of spinning reels in Japan, and they are from the high-end Stella, Vanquish, Twin Power, Twin Power MG and diversified models (Sephia, Complex, Soare, Cardiff), Biomaster, Ultegra, Nasci, Elf, Aernos, Alivio. There are too many reels, and I list only a few here. For serious anglers, I recommend better than Biomaster reels. Shimano manufacture their reels both in Japan and Malaysia factories. Reels sold for more than $300 are mostly manufactured in Japan.

Shimano Vanquish Shimano Twin Power 2015 NEW Shimano Sephia Ci4+ Shimano Biomaster 

Shimano Stella SW 4000-30000 Shimano Twin Power SW 4000-14000  2015 NEW

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