TWINPOWER (Upgrade US Sustain, Japan model 4000-8000) 2002-2008 model

TwinPower PG/HG models are specialized for durability. They are all designed for inshore and offshore saltwater fishing. The advanced durability and drag performance will help you land big ones.

NEW TwinPower has super slow oscillation system, and spool goes up and down only 1/4 of previous models. Closely laid lines will smoothly leave spool in casting.  

4000-8000 models of HG (high geared) and PG (power geared) are comparable to the line of Stella SW reels, with a few less number of ball bearings. They have improved saltwater-corrosion resistance, and are installed with anti-rust ball bearings to be used with saltwater severely. Drag washers are made of carbon for real fight. Spare spool is sold separately.


Model Gear Ratio Weight oz Ball Bearings Capacity Availability Price
4000HG 5.7 14.1 10+1 12-165y
4000PG 4.6 13.4
5000HG 5.7 14.1 10+1 17-165y


4.6 13.4
6000HG 5.7 21.0 10+1 20-175y
6000PG 5.0 21.0 10+1 20-175y
8000HG 5.7 20.3 10+1 20-230y



10+1 20-230y

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