Shimano Stella SW series 2008 model 2008-2012

All NEW Stella SW Japan model is the high-end spinning reels, specially designed for offshore heavy duty fishing. The New Stella now has reinforced components, parts and body to fight for the big one. Gears, drag and line rollers now have more durability than ever.

bullet AR-C spool design reducing line troubles
bulletStainless steel pinion gear
bulletCold-forged over-sized master gear with surface treatment
bulletDiamond coated cut-free line roller
bulletImproved carbon disk-drag twin drag system

PG: Power Gear models, grip is made of carbon

HG: High Gear models, grip is egg shaped rubber

XG: Extra High Gear models, grip is egg shaped rubber

20000 model is for black fin tuna. Its drag stands for the run of over 100kg tuna. 10000 is for Giant Trevally. Right/Left handle changeable. No spare spool.

  Carbon  Grip

10000XG Rubber grip
8000PG carbon grip


Model Gear Ratio Line retrieve cm Weight oz/g Drag max Ball Bearings line capacity Grip


Japanese Yen


4000PG 4.6 71 350g 11kg 14+1 10lb(0.285mm)-200y Carbon Grip 85.000JPY @
4000XG 6.2 95 350g 14+1 Carbon Grip 85.000JPY @
5000PG 4.6 78 390g 13kg 14+1 12lb(0.330mm)-195y Carbon Grip 100.000JPY @
5000HG 5.7 97 390g 14+1 Carbon Grip 100.000JPY @
5000XG 6.2 105 390g 14+1 Carbon Grip 100.000JPY @
6000PG 4.6 83 400g 13kg 14+1 16lb(0.395mm)-170y Carbon Grip 100.000JPY @
6000HG 5.7 103 400g 14+1 Carbon Grip 100.000JPY @
8000PG 4.6 93 605g 25kg 14+1 20lb(0.457mm)-185y Carbon Grip 110.000JPY @
8000HG 5.7 107 605g 14+1 Carbon Grip 110.000JPY @
10000PG 4.9 101 625g 23kg 14+1 20lb(0.457mm)-220y Rubber Grip 110.000JPY @
10000XG 5.8 121 625g 14+1 Rubber Grip 110.000JPY @
18000HG 5.7 129 825g 25kg 14+1 25lb(0.508mm)-320y Rubber Grip 120.000JPY @
20000PG 4.4 104 845g 25kg 14+1 30lb(0.559mm)-320y Rubber Grip 120.000JPY @

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