Shimano JDM Metanium Mg /Mg7, Core 100MG Japan model 2007-2012

The new Metanium Mg and Mg7: Japan version of Shimano Core 100MG

The Metanium MG is the supreme arsenal. It has magnesium alloy super light weight body and thin machined aircraft-aluminum spool to achieve the 6.0 oz weight, while the reel keeps the rigid, sturdy metal body.  Its super light weight matches well with finesse fishing technique. Sensitivity is improved by the light weight tackle.

The new gears are enlarged to offer longer life, and improved drag capacity of 5kg/11lb, instead of 4kg of standard Metanium models. The further machined spool casts like rocket. Improved anti-rust bearings, S A-RB protect reels from rusts 10 times than standard stainless steel bearings.

Model Gear Ratio Weight oz Ball Bearings Drag kg Capacity Availability Price Order
Metanium Mg 6.2:1 6.0 8+1 5.0 12lb-120yds JPY39,000
Metanium Mg L 6.2:1 6.0 8+1 5.0 12lb-120yds
Metanium Mg7 7.0:1 6.0 8+1 5.0 12lb-120yds
Metanium Mg7 L 7.0:1 6.0 8+1 5.0 12lb-120yds

Jun's comments:  Must buy this reel if you are serious in the productivity in fishing. Casting performance is one of the most advanced, and quite controllable. Casts great for heavier than 5g (3/16oz) rigs.

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