Shimano JDM Calcutta Conquest DC (DC+ Digital control plus) 2010-

Good bye thumbing!!

Shimano Conquest DC (digital control plus) has computer controlled brake system, which achieves optimum brake by sensing the spool condition at 1/2000 sec. And you almost don't have to control spool speed by thumb!

The DC+ system has improved to make everything easy. You just choose the type of line from three, (Nylon, Fluorocarbon, SP 20lb over) and then chose the best strength.

The DC brake lets spool have about twice max speed (over 30,000rpm) than conventional brake system (centrifugal system, 15,000-18,000rpm), and allow longer casting distance.

You may add about 20-40% casting distance to other marketed bait casting reels in real fishing situations.

 Shimano warrants DC reels from 1 year from purchase.

Model Gear Ratio Drag Weight Ball Bearings Capacity Price JPY Availability Price Order

Conquest 50 DC

6.2 3.5kg 230g/ 11+1 0.235mm-100m, 6lb-110y 66,200 1 in stock $580 $502

Conquest 51 DC 6.2 11+1   1 in stock $580 $502

Conquest 100 DC 5.8 4.0kg 240g/ 10+1 0.285mm-100m, 10lb-110y 68,300 0 in stock $599 $527  
Conquest 101 DC 5.8 10+1   0 in stock $599 $527  
Conquest 200 DC 5.0 5.0kg 260g/9.3oz 10+1 0.33mm-130m, 12lb-145y 68,300 0 in stock $599 $527  
Conquest 201 DC 5.0 10+1 1 in stock $599 $527

Jun's comments:  This is the reel of quality and toughness, combined with superb casting performances. 200 models are the reels to cast long for bulky deep divers or to cast longest with 1 oz sinkers. 100 models are high-performing trouble free bait caster for heavier than 10 gram 3/8oz. 50 models are to cast from 7 gram in a relatively short range.

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